Every piece of Made has been lovingly handcrafted in Kenya by talented Artisans. Caring for your jewellery properly means that it will look great every time you wear it. 

How to look after your brass jewellery:
Brass has become our signature here at Made. Bold and beautiful, brass is durable and diverse - and in plentiful supply here in Kenya.
Brass will tarnish with wear so it's important you clean it regularly to keep it looking as good as new. 
For those of you who don't have any Brass cleaner to hand, here are some handy tips on how to clean your Made.
Brass does not like to get wet so keep it away from water.
Rub with a jewellery cloth if the brass is becoming tarnished.
Soap and water and a soft brush will help shine up your brass jewellery, air dry well afterwards.
Lemon juice can be used to clean your brass jewellery. Rinse clean with warm water before leaving to air dry and buffing to shine.
Using a toothbrush to clean crevices is an easy cheap way to keep your brass pieces clean.

How to look after your silver jewellery:
Silver naturally tarnishes over time with exposure to air and the environment. Additionally lotions, perfumes, bleach and chlorine all have adverse effects on the quality and look of any silver.
In order to ensure that tarnishing doesn’t spoil your silver jewellery, it is important to follow a few simple steps;
Apply any scents and lotions before you put it on.
Avoid wearing pieces when doing sport or washing up. We advise that you keep your jewellery in the pouch it came in to avoid the risk of tarnishing.
Wash with warm water, not hot. Dilute dish soap in a sink full of warm water before adding the silver plated items to avoid dark spots from concentrated dish detergent.

For more tips on how to clean your brass jewellery, using just what you've got in your kitchen cupboard, read more  here.